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About Us

About Us

NUTEK Corporation is a FDA-registered sterilization facility certified to ISO 13485 and 11137. The company provides reliable electron-beam (e-beam) irradiation processing for healthcare products and medical devices.

NUTEK’s unique system design ensures precise dose control with no over or under dosing of …

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Nutek Corporation… Sterilization By Design


Electron Beam (E-beam) Irradiation and Sterilization Services


High-Volume, On-Demand, and Custom Services for R&D, Testing, Validation, and Production

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Nutek’s philosophy is simple:

Provide the highest standards in the industry – from R&D and testing… to dose mapping and validation… through production.  All of Nutek’s irradiation services meet, or exceed, ISO 11137 standards and must meet our strict Quality Assurance and Quality Control processes… Period.E-beam Services Button

E-beam Irradiation & Validation – including approachesTestimonial Button designed specifically for your application

Crosslinking & Scissioning – using irradiation to strengthen and/or enhance material qualities

SmartDose- solving combination devices and sensitive material Case Study Buttonchallenges – what is SmartDose?

DualBeam – for high-volume production, doubling the processing rate, and eliminating delays

R&D Innovation Center – for solving design and irradiation challenges

Microbiology Testing Services - for seamless design to sterilization validation and production

Irradiation and Sterilization Consulting - worth millions to everyone, free of charge to our customers

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Saves time – Saves money – Helps get you to market quicker



   YES, because SmartDose™ has…

DOSE CONTROL – Applies different dose ranges… in different areas… of the same product… at the same time.


SIMULTANEOUS DUAL E-BEAMS – Dual Simultaneous Electron Beam Processing for high volume production doubles the processing rate, ensures 100% system uptime, and virtually eliminates processing delays.


INTELLIGENT TOOLING – Intelligent tooling designed specifically for the application and for minimizing production waste.


E-BEAM DISTRIBUTION – Minimizes stress by utilizing Gaussian electron waves for a continuous and normalized distribution of energy.


TEMPERATURE CONTROLS – Modulates heat build-up and static during irradiation, not just before and after.

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Nutek Corporation… Sterilization By Design