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Vision & Mission

NUTEK Corporation is committed to supplying high quality E-beam irradiation and Ethylene Oxide services that demonstrate exceptional responsiveness in serving your requirements.

NUTEK’s goal is to create a partnership with you by providing rapid processing and superior business, technical and regulatory support.

Our philosophy is very simple: provide the highest standards in the industry – from R&D and testing to validation and production… and beyond. All of Nutek’s E-beam and EtO sterilization services meet, or exceed, ISO 13485, 11137 & 11135 standards and SLA requirements; we take our QA and QC processes seriously… period. So, whether you need high-volume, on-demand, or custom services for R&D, testing, validation or production, we make sure your high standards are met… every step of the way.

We stand ready to be of service to you and your company!

~ The NUTEK team


Nutek accelerates critical time-to-market while saving you money.

Nutek Corporation… Sterilization By Design™