Plan Early! A How-to on Accelerating Time to Market and Avoiding Costly Delays

New ideas are the lifeblood of the medical device industry. We, at Nutek, have many years of experience working with medtech startups, and find it very rewarding to play a part in bringing new, innovative products to market. However, in working side by side with many new companies and new healthcare products, we’ve also had the unfortunate experience of witnessing the delay or even failure of excellent products.

Often times, these obstacles stem from decisions that could have been made early on in the product lifecycle, such as packaging and sterilization. As many of our readers know, delays in this particular industry can be very costly; sometimes a month is enough to cost a company its business regardless of the product’s potential. So how can you avoid this all-too-common mistake and avert business disaster?

Our advice is to move the packaging/sterilization planning to the front-end of your product development lifecycle. Although the actual packaging and sterilization generally occurs at the end of the lifecycle, planning during the pre-clinical stages offers MANY ADVANTAGES:

  • You can leverage the expertise of your sterilization and packaging contractors and testing labs. An experienced firm like Nutek can serve as an extension of your R&D department, advising you on materials and sterilization methods.


  • Collaboration with experts can drastically reduce the costs associated with testing materials and sterilization methodologies, as well as accelerating time to market.



  • You can make fully-informed decisions. Nutek invites customers and interested parties to tour our facilities to obtain hands-on experience with such techniques as our reliable electron beam (e-beam) irradiation processing.  We are also happy to visit your site to gain a fuller understanding of your needs and operations, in order to make more informed recommendations.


Don’t be caught waiting for your materials at the end; waiting your vendors’ time; or waiting for a second round of techniques to be developed and implemented because what you had imagined would work, didn’t work in the end. Contact us to integrate our medical device sterilization and packaging expertise into your decision-making to optimize your processes early on.