NUTEK: An R&D Resource for Medical Device and Healthcare Product Companies

Since first serving the sterilization needs of a medical device company over twenty years ago, today at Nutek we’re proud to have realized our potential, expanding into a valuable resource for medical, pharmaceutical and life science companies today. We not only act as a service provider but we’ve become a trusted partner for our customers; from medical device startups to large healthcare product corporations, we’ve developed into a valuable R&D resource, either acting as an extension of customers product development and engineering teams or fulfilling a function that may not exist within our clients’ operations.

In 2007, we moved to our current facility in Hayward, California, experiencing a fourfold increase in capacity. Throughout our growth, we have held to our mission of being flexible and thorough in our services; a philosophy that has made us the go-to service provider for a range of sterilization and sterilization validation needs. By working closely with our clients, as early on in the process as possible, we’re able to help save them time in getting new products to market. Moreover, our experience in these development stages has enhanced our capabilities and expertise. Working on R&D means that we conduct materials testing, materials compatibility and other types of research and exploration related to our e-beam technology. Keep an eye on this NEW space for related research, findings and more on:

  • New frontiers and issues in medical device sterilization
  • Our cutting-edge electron beam (e-beam) irradiation technology
  • A look at our inside operations (For instance, on how we’ve only had 13 hours of downtime in 14 years!)
  • Exciting new developments at the company
  • And, upcoming events!