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Irradiation Capabilities

NUTEK Corporation’s processing lines have a redundant design with matched electron beam accelerators.


All machinery goes down at some time for repair or maintenance. At NUTEK this issue is invisible to our customers. When one of our accelerators is down, we run your product through a second time flipped so that it receives its prescribed dose.

As a key vendor for your company, NUTEK is its own backup vendor. This is one of the main reasons we at NUTEK feel we offer reliable irradiation services…

Two Sided Irradiation:
• 2 Electron Beam Accelerators,10 MeV @ 8kw each.

Validated for Materials:
• 68 in. long X 44 in. high X 14 in. thick
• Density x Thickness = up to 7 g/cm2 facing the beam.