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With the recent breakthroughs of successful human implantation of 3D-printed human tissue and the media attention given to all the amazing technological advancements in this exciting field, finally there are inspirational and positive stories to be told about healthcare again! These kinds of procedures are becoming almost common among doctors and medical researchers these days. […]

When you need to kill microorganisms and ensure the safety of your equipment or products, there is no better way than by using ethylene oxide sterilization. In addition to eliminating any sterility risk, Nutek Corporation helps you to design the perfect system for your company, from concept through production. Our sterilization methods meet, and in […]

E-beam processing for medical devices and drugs/biologics products involves the use of high-energy electrons–typically with energies ranging from 3 million to 10 million electron volts (MeV)–for the sterilization of the device or product. The electrons are generated by accelerators that operate in both a pulse and a continuous-beam mode.2 The elevated energy levels are required […]