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When you need to kill microorganisms and ensure the safety of your equipment or products, there is no better way than by using ethylene oxide sterilization. In addition to eliminating any sterility risk, Nutek Corporation helps you to design the perfect system for your company, from concept through production. Our sterilization methods meet, and in […]

E-beam technology takes free electrons in a vacuum and forms a beam, using magnets and electricity. When the beam contacts a surface, the electrons are converted into heat. The heat from an E-beam can be precisely controlled. This makes the E-beam a versatile tool with multiple applications, including sterilization. E-beam technology has been around since […]

Since our company was started over 20 years ago, NUTEK has have been providing reliable electron-beam (E-beam) sterilization services for medical devices and healthcare product manufacturers. Part of our successful business can be attributed to our smart, committed, and dedicated employees. Our medical technology staff is at the forefront of innovation and continues to do […]