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Whether you are an R&D Engineer, Microbiologist, Quality Assurance or Regulatory Affairs professional; you know that opportunity abounds once knowledge is shared in positive cooperation between your team and your company’s sterilization, packaging and testing labs services providers.

You also know that recent revisions to the radiation sterilization standards ISO 11137, parts 1, 2, and 3 for healthcare products have helped set the stage for an exciting future in the area of sterilization.

At NUTEK the future is here.

Looking forward, there is now in place, the ability to implement creative approaches to the establishment of safe doses for sterilizing tissue-based, biological, combination drug and device products.

With advances in radiation processing modeling and dosimetry, NUTEK will work closely with your packaging and testing labs service providers before product is sterilized, thereby accelerating time to market and avoiding costly mistakes.

If you want a sterilization service provider who can offer you seamless integration into your sterilization and sterilization validation system, flexibility to work with you on R&D and materials testing, and full sterilization validation services and a company that aspires to become your sterilization partner, then call NUTEK today at: