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About Us

NUTEK Corporation is an FDA-registered sterilization facility certified to ISO 13485 and 11137. The company provides reliable electron-beam (E-beam) irradiation and Ethylene Oxide (EtO) processing for healthcare products and medical devices.

NUTEK’s unique system design ensures precise dose control with no over or under dosing of validated products.

Routine processing is guaranteed to be two business days or less, with same day rush services available.

NUTEK provides refrigerated holding/storage for pre and post processing requirements. Individual freezers and refrigerators for pre and post processing ensure segregation of non-sterile and sterile materials. The system is validated in accordance with FDA guidelines.

Turnkey sterilization validation services from NUTEK provide our customers with a certified process (ISO 11137/13485/11135) consisting of product evaluation, approved protocol, product irradiation, microbiology testing, special handling and final report. This value-added service is most cost effective for any size company with new products and for companies interested in converting from other sterilization methods.

In addition to irradiation and EtO processing of medical devices and healthcare products, NUTEK offers decontamination of returned goods and modification of polymer properties via cross-linking and scissioning “pre-processing” treatment.

NUTEK’s e-beam cross-linking services provide high quality cross-linking for many products, including polymer modification for wire, cable and tubing products, and polyethylene and polyvinyl chloride products.

Semiconductor Enhancement
NUTEK’s use of e-beam processing to control semiconductor switching speeds offers many advantages over gold diffusion and low-energy beam techniques. Unlike gold doping, e-beam processing can occur at any time during the manufacturing of semiconductors, is reversible, allowing the opportunity to rework semiconductors, and provides for uniform treatment of semiconductor enhancement.

Composite Material Curing
NUTEK’s e-beam curing of adhesives and resins offers significant advantages for the rapid manufacturing of a variety of composite structures and components for aerospace, automotive, and consumer applications. E-beam composite curing offers important improvements over traditional thermal curing methods, including: shorter curing times, lower energy consumption, reduced volatile emissions and less expensive tooling materials.

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